Glow plugs



Since 1954, HKT has been designing products to suit a variety of diesel engines. No product in the HKT range has been more popular than the consistent design quality of the glow plug.

Diesel Distributors has a long association with the HKT corporation and now offers these glow plugs to the reseller industry.



Benefits from Boschs leading technology:

  • Bosch glow systems always incorporate the advantages of the latest developments in original vehicle equipment

Bosch diesel technology – everything in one system, everything from one source of supply:

  • Bosch is a world leader and the no.1 in diesel system technology
  • The entire Bosch system know-how is invested in the development of individual components to create a perfect diesel system from the separate elements
  • Glow plugs and glow systems precisely tailored to the complete diesel system support the innovative Bosch diesel technology


Hints & Tips from Bosch

  • When fitting new glow plugs always test the timer is operating correctly.
  • Older engines used a glow period of up to 21 seconds where as more modern engines use around a 6 to 8 second heat period and provide after glow at a reduced voltage. If the pump timing is not correct or the engine is over fuelled this can also damage the glow plugs with increased vibration and heat.
  • It is very important to only use the recommended glow plug applications listed in the Bosch catalogue. Glow Plugs are matched to the engine type and timer or control device. Using the incorrect plug can result in the failure of the heating element.
  • When replacing glow plugs, have the function of the relay and controller tested.
  • On older open coiled systems, make sure all the resistor straps are clean and tight and free from corrosion.
  • Always test the vehicle battery condition and capacity as the function of the glow plug in affected by low voltage during cranking.