Delphi Filtration

Protection and piece of mind are worthy investments with todays high pressure, fine tolerance Diesel Fuel Injection Systems.

Who better to rely on for this protection and piece of mind, than the company that created these systems in the first place?

Delphi has developed a range of filtration products and OEM replacements which meet or exceed OEM specifications. The same specifications that Delphi recommend to the OEM market in the first place.

Delphi’s most recognisable filter is the 5836B100. This system has been fitted to diesel engines for many years. As the exclusive national distributor for these products, you can be assured that replacement filters and parts are always on the shelf.

It’s what’s underneath that sets Delphi apart

  • Protection caps maintain system cleanliness
  • Patented diverter valve circulates warm fuel to improve engine start up
  • Patented air management system manages air flow for smooth engine performance
  • High efficiency multi-layer media enhances particulate removal, water separation and filter longevity for maximum engine protection
  • Glafan coating validated to perform under extreme conditions including ISO9227 salt spray test
  • Water drain plug facilitates the removal of dirt and water, optional sensor to detect water level