The key to the life of any diesel fuel system is filtration. At Diesel Distributors, we have partnered with some of the worlds most advanced filtration manufacturers to offer a selection of OEM replacement and retro fit fuel systems to the Australian Market.

Diesel engines are highly susceptible to damage from debris, water and other contaminants. In the same way that air filtration is crucial to the life of one half of the engine, the fuel filtration MUST be able to handle our harsh Australian environment.

Our environment throws all kinds of challenges at diesel fuel injection systems. From heat and cold extremes causing expansion and contraction in the fuel tank which leads to water vapour ingress, to dust and dirt from our roads and beyond, it is obvious that ‘adequate’ fuel filtration just doesn’t cut it.

The result in poor or substandard quality fuel filtration can be expensive fuel system repair or even piston detonation and full engine overhaul.

Bosch Delphi Direction Plus Filtration
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